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Paano Ba Mag Hack Ng Facebook Account




? good night everyone g'night happyaron hey Will who can confirm that? Hi! OK, I'm having bad connection :/ I see that I'm late to meeting, and seems like I will miss the meeting qengho: I'm sorry for that I'll see you on lauchpad have a nice day. See ya At least I am here! .. Anyone have news about the armel buildds? Mine is still stale. hum, I think the ia64 builders were swapped? or didn't build anything new, at least :) will check in a bit hmm good point, no armhf images there either I wonder what happened to alacarte i386 has failed ah it's just that the armhf builders have been dormant for a while happyaron: ^ I would think with gnome 3.10 final will be out, it would be worth looking at I'm going to bed. it's possible that some buildds are just bad, dunno if that's the case here i'll poke the ia64 builders in a few hours Riddell: hey, could you set ia64 in sparc to build ~ubuntu-sru-release-upgrader-sru, if possible? Riddell: for when it's ready




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Paano Ba Mag Hack Ng Facebook Account

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