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Atlantis as an Empire - Finding Connections

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I have been reviewing the Surrounding area's in Mauritania and have discovered what appears to be a ancient road network. This road is well defined and delineated by rocks piled on the sides. The width is random. Some sections are straight while others are somewhat disjointed. Sections of this road can be seen at

20°48'32.75"N 12° 1'29.55"W

20°46'13.67"N 12° 2'58.25"W

21°18'14.20"N 11°37'29.36"W

21°18'20.02"N 11°37'37.23"W

19°59'43.99"N 13°17'17.21"W

19°59'32.39"N 13°21'24.40"W

19°35'25.51"N 13°18'51.65"W

19°52'38.32"N 13°16'31.74"W

17°36'38.94"N 12° 6'36.97"W


The last section appears to lead to a "Water Fall" in wetter times (5000bc).

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