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How to prove it?

Was Atlantis

a real place?

Where, when, how?

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Your Opinion is important.

Do you think it's possible that Atlantis was an existing city/empire?
Do you think the lost city of Atlantis might be located in the Richat Structure?
Do you agree that Richat Structure matches Plato's description?
Do you think that Atlantis is connected to the Great Pyramids of Giza?

Great to hear your opinion

Google Earth - Find Atlantis - Plato - E


Kialo: "A platform powered by reason"

For effective reasoning we can use a software called 'Kialo' which enables us to visualize discussions as an interactive tree. At the top is the thesis, which is supported or weakened by pro and con arguments underneath. Each one of these arguments can branch into subsequent arguments that support or attack them in turn. Click 'Enter' to tell your opinion.

1. Location

What do you think exactly?

2. Reasoning

What do you think exactly?

3. Connections


What do you think exactly?

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The only way to find Atlantis is through cooperation.


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