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5 Find Atlantis - Plato - Eye of the Sah


The Richat Structure ("Eye of the Sahara") is the most likely location of Atlantis 


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Atlantis - Eye of Ra - Eye of the Sahara

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Atlantis Together

Find Atlantis
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🌎 Vision 🌍

Organise the Discovery of Atlantis that will teach Humanity about the past and help us build a

Sustainable & Better World 


📜 Mission📜

1) Research, collect, organise and expand our knowledge on the hypotesis of Atlantis being in the Eye of the Sahara (Richat Structure)

2) Start public discussions and open debates about the topic while developing the best platform for contribution and cooperation 

3) Connect archaeologists, geologists and other interdisciplinary scientists to discover and research this topic seriously in depth and organise the biggest crowdfunded excavation of human history 

4) Accelerate the Unity to reach the great vision to finally Find Atlantis and connect sustainable solutions to Build a Better World Together 

Together we can: